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#1 2020-06-05 16:35:17

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Bugs as of 6/5

I've found some more bugs so I'll be improving on my previous list post 5/30

Posted from most to least impactful from a user standpoint

Bugged Storage - Items disappear from storage. This may be related to the account with a blank user name and password. I believe their storage is connected to all other storages, and items from other storages can be removed through any character on this account

Log on bug - Occasionally when logging in, the music will play, but the screen will be black. HP is displayed as 10,000 at the top of the screen, and the player will be unable to log out or do anything.

Log on bug 2 - Likely related to the previous bug, logging in after a black screen login will cause your inventory to disappear and your equipped items to be in your inventory.

Merchant bug - Hit escape to exit merchant menu instead of clicking "Close" and you will not be able to access that merchant until you reboot the game.

Flickering tooltip - On some resolutions, any item with built in properties when hovered over will have a flickering tooltip (flash on and off). This makes it hard to equip and drop items

Dropped item bug - Dropping a dagger from the bottom of your inventory will actually drop the first dagger in your inventory. This causes properties to appear to shift to other items (like hp steal on a ring) even though they aren't actually transferred. This can cause items to be displayed incorrectly, for example a club might actually be a mystic leather, but won't display properly until dropped.

Players can push other players by walking or transing into them, this allows players to push others off of SQ. Guards can also push players off SQ.

Prop bug - After 4 props trying to prop more will cause the existing props to be replaced, with a maximum of 4 props. I'm not sure if this is an issue displaying more than 4 props or with the maximum amount of props.

Trans bug - Transing fast enough allows players to pass through un-transable walls. For example, transing fast enough toward the castle wall allows the player to go through the wall, and capture the castle without going through it.

Quick attack - Melee attack interactions are bad, but can be reset by alternating right and left click - Holding down the right mouse button and and left clicking allows you to attack as fast as you can click. This needs to be fixed eventually but is OK for now as it's tough to level as a melee class otherwise at the moment.

Summoned skeletons count as monsters and take damage from their master's spells.

Flame wind does barely any damage

Ice wind does not work with HP/MP steal.

New spells don't show upon level up right away, this is confusing, especially for new players.

Some characters can go negative AC by equipping and unequipping armor. Someone with -1000 AC will actually be nearly unkillable from physical attacks (elemental attacks still do full damage)

Warriors and Witches periodically get stuck when chasing you around the multi mob dungeon (warriors/witches/hks/frost imps). This could be due to the terrain.

Water portal - Using a portal in the water causes you to be swimming under the map once you warp to your location.


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