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#1 Re: General game discussion » help please » 2020-03-08 22:27:30

Well it clearly doesnt destroy it, the red x just drops it on theground, are you sure your the appropriate level to equip the item you want?  I'll get on discord in the chat channel ar some point and we can collaborate more directly. Most likely tomorrow at 12 PM eastern

#2 Re: General game discussion » help please » 2020-03-08 15:28:00

The red x is supposed to he there if you click the red x that is how you drop items, there is currently not a drop screen programmed in. To equip and item click the middle of the item not the red x. As for your other problem I'm not sure what you mean? Please explain it more or differently if you can.

#3 Re: Update Notes » Test build 12.2" » 2020-03-07 15:09:10

I'm at 20 have not tried to go past I just get on to test new updates and things I'll put in some time and get to exp cap.

#4 Re: Update Notes » Test build 12.2" » 2020-03-07 13:33:05

I dont think there is a max level, and I hope there never is.

#5 Report a bug » Nimbus » 2020-03-06 21:10:18

Replies: 1

casting and uncasting the spell mutation Nimbus very quickly in repetition renders your character model invisible to yourself

#6 Re: Report a bug » Duplication bug » 2020-03-06 20:55:07

On further review I discovered that maybe the server somehow has an auto log feature?????

I left suminex up in the background and it auto closed after a while?
I logged back in and again there was no character data save this time not duping but deleting items.

somehow its connected to this

#7 Re: General game discussion » Qualit Of Life Thread!! » 2020-03-06 20:49:36

Also maybe other players are not so interested in this or maybe they are but … "he who must not be named" who is the creator of a certain other game always held his calculations and item data/ rarity calculations and stuff pretty close to his chest... and still does. I would personally love to know how things are calculated.

Strength differentiation ( requirements for minimum to maximum damage output?)  I know there is a RNG factor involved just wondering what if any, amplifies the RNG into a higher number range?

(The same above for the rest of stats?) IE: INT for spell damage ect.

Also HP per Cons? And or HP calculations? What  Str+ CONS= hp?

Eventually chest pull calculations?

% of drop per monster death? per item level?

Just curious on character optimizations ( I understand if this is kinda…."proprietary"  but maybe you would like some thoughts on it all? I am Igadget64 in discord)

Anyway, if your willing to divulge I think characters would benefit overall if not I understand smile

#8 Report a bug » Duplication bug » 2020-03-06 20:37:11

Replies: 3

I'm going to present as much information as I have on this because I could not reproduce it, but it happened and it obviously will be a problem in the future.

I saw another character in town and we were talking, I killed him jokingly, picked up some of his items he dropped and them dropped them back for him as he was selling.

I asked what level he was and went to storage grabbed a few items I had extra went back to him and dropped them for him, he began to sell again.

I went to the Square in town clicked over to post something in My QOL thread I started and went to switch back over to my game but it was closed.... ( I don't remember logging out but maybe I did I'm not sure)

I logged back in and for some reason my character would not load ( I could not see the character model I could not move it would not let me press log out nothing was responding) I thought maybe you were putting out another update so I clicked the X in the top right ( I play in windowed mode)

I clicked back on the launcher and logged back in and asked the other player if there was an update or if he lagged? He said no and no.
( I shrugged it off and went to storage )

I clicked on storage and all of the items that I had taken out and given the player had returned into my storage essentially duping them.

He checked his storage and had them as well.

Now I'm not sure what along the way caused this but I tried to reproduce it a few ways with no success.

I tried taking items out of storage dropping them on the ground and force closing the game with x
I tried taking out items dropping and force closing with alt f4
I tried logging out regularly just in case.

None of this worked.

I did not reproduce the entire process of killing the other player and all of that because I just figured it didn't have anything to do with what happened ( But maybe it does? / I doubt it)

Somehow with the original duping I think the character data wasn't saved somehow?? I know this was a problem in the past with force closing but as I said it was not reproduceable by force closing again.

#9 General game discussion » Qualit Of Life Thread!! » 2020-03-06 20:11:17

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Just figured I would post something other than "ideas" just things players would like to see implemented that would kind of smooth gameplay. Ultimately none of this is really a need at the moment just things to think about along the way.

- an -all / -monsters function or something similar, (just some way to allow proximity teamwork without hitting each other)

- Would love to see Mederi get an increase in healing, I believe the Formula currently is CONS+WIZ= amount, maybe change this to an And or formula Cons +wisdom and or the greater of the 2 = amount

- Some sort of -join / -lead system (clans , tribes, links, whatever)

- A say again key bind option

- an auto clicker like option

- Escape closeing menues

- Discussed world map with a few players but this is a kind of take it or leave it thing ( myself and a few others are fine without it, it makes it more hardcore and old school)

- Night vision? Honestly Im sort of fine just having it as the current white pearl effect but in spell form. If you do decide to include it (in whatever form it may take) I think it should be much harder to obtain than it is in... a certain other game. It should be a valuable tool , maybe a shrine but a difficult one.

- someway to see if other players are online?

Im sure I will think of other things and others will have requests or thoughts on what they would like just to kinda smooth the experience.

#10 Re: Update Notes » Test build 12.2" » 2020-03-04 12:19:54

Try starting the game from the game folder and not the launcher

#11 Report a bug » Current as of Build 11 » 2020-03-03 15:49:18

Replies: 1

( Sorry to keep posting some of these just want to keep a current list)

-Bows target players  but don't hit (tested with the low level common bow and a level 19 vs 18)

- it is still possible to attack run forever by attack running in a diagonal direction in the edge of the screen and just holding the mouse button down.

- when placing items from your inventory in storage everything appears as the first item in your inventory

- possible to overheal hp and mp above maximum amount still.

  - Jump slam ground effect still lasts until log off

(This is Igadget64 on discord and Juicy in game)

#12 Re: Update Notes » Test build 12.2" » 2020-02-29 14:29:56

Maybe try and wait until the next build comes out.

#13 Re: Update Notes » Test build 12.2" » 2020-02-29 13:18:18

Try deleting and downloading again fresh install, also change the install directory while your at it

#14 Re: Report a bug » Current as of build 10 » 2020-02-29 12:58:23

Some clarifications,

When I go to deposit items in storage from my inventory and I scroll over the item description. The appeared descriptions no matter what item I scroll over in my inventory appears as the first item in my inventory. If bread is the first item in my inventory and I scroll over anything else a staff , armor, ect it will say bread and have the bread description.

I am a gnome paladin

For mederi my cons is 22 wiz 10, so I could see the problem there. Maybe change the calculation to an and or situation.

Like cons and wiz or the greater of the 2 =calculation
Or leave it how it is lol would give a reason for melee to move points around, but would give an advantage to mage classes.
Some things to mull over .

#15 Report a bug » Current as of build 10 » 2020-02-28 19:38:30

Replies: 2

Hey been away for a bit got back on to test here are some things I noticed.

(For some reason the forum runs slowly sometimes)

- The new dungeon (one with hell knight by pit ) 1. the dungeon entrance is very buggy you cannot walk over the landbridge and must trans in.
Transing into this dungeon in a certain spot causes you to fall through the ground and subsequently die shortly after even if you trans out of the ground you still die.

- Hell knights from new dungeon seem to be spawning in the wall/void near the top on review this is also happening in the other dungeon you added

- dropping a greater health or mana potion and picking it up turns said potion into the lesser version.

- it is still possible to attack run forever by attack running in a diagonal direction in the edge of the screen and just holding the mouse button down.

- when placing items from your inventory in storage everything appears as the first item in your inventory

- Mederi could really use a boost in the amount it heals currently it is very very little.

- possible to overheal hp and mp above maximum amount still

- Salubris ring says 0 props

- adding points to constitution after a level up does not add to maximum health

- anyway to make LSA and rings stackable? (not a bug)

-Items dropped in town still disappear ( may only be high end items? or certain items? Max pots seem to drop fine) also dropping while out hunting seems fine?

-helmet often detaches or lags from character model during attack run , jump slam, and death

- spawn in new dungeon needs to be increased or drop rate needs to be. It is currently faster to level at the First dungeon you created even though the monsters are stronger at the pit dungeon.

- Jump slam ground effect still lasts until log off

#16 Game Suggestions » Not suminex or xenimus but maybe? » 2020-02-22 00:23:07

Replies: 1

What if there was a battle royal game but it last forever though, when you die you lose everything. You spawn spaced out around the world map, gather things and fight others ,  fast paced fantasy game. Level up get equipment and spells, you log off you lose everything. The thing is, the world is always on, everyone logs into the same server ( like wow or xenimus) you also have a pve vs monsters in it. Fast leveling ,infinite leveling.
Would be cool if there was a xenimus battle royal game like this. I really feel potential for this.

#17 Re: General game discussion » Bugs » 2020-02-21 18:10:10

Not going to lie just realized there was a bug section to the boards..... LOL , Mods can move this over there if they would like.

#18 General game discussion » Bugs » 2020-02-19 14:18:49

Replies: 17

Figured I would just post a topic dedicated to bugs I find and others find.


-Pathing for NPC's in spawn town is wonky

- Swing animation ( Not an actual bug just needs to be cleaner)

- On death it seems all items I have ever had in my inventory drop , even those already previously sold to the merchant. (not sure what could be causing this)

-Key binding is a bit buggy , often times keys don't appear bound ie. they don't show up on the list when they are infact actually bound, Other times it seems they don't bind? Perhaps just a list error and im over writing previously bound keys.

- Would love to see a view change key if possible (Not a bug)

- When placing items in storage from your inventory everything appears as the first item in your inventory.

- portal spell sound effect is global'

-Some weapons appear to have 0-0 damage (seems to be mostly 2 handed weapons)

- On death Mederi no longer works and requires a restart

- It is possible to overheal health and magic to beyond maximum capacity through mederi and or health / magic potions. ( Simply get hit once and use a Health potion or mederi the total amount of HP that would have been healed fully will be added onto the amount missing) ( Example: lets say a HP potion heals for 100 and I have 100 health I go get hit by a bug for 1 HP and use a HP potion I will now have 199 HP) The same applies with MP

- Mana regen on the HUD at the top always says 0.01 no matter how much MP regen gear I have equipped

- it is possible to get under the map and get stuck when around the water ledge somehow.

- Elder imps when gathered in groups larger than 3 just dance around you

- The switch in the downstairs graveyard is inoperable

- When dropping gear to trade or just dropping, sometimes the game will " eat items" they will just disappear never to be seen again

- It  is possible to attack run forever when clicking in the side of the screen after attack running once, you begin running at the same speed indefinitely

-  Chat no longer overlaps in the chat log but it does not show the entire sentence above the character in game

- Portal skill costs no mana

- bread seems to do nothing?

- switching items (one from your inventory to one equiped) sometimes deletes the one your switching, (seems to happen when inventory full?)

- side scroll option in inventory would be helpful (not a bug)

- when marking in an area after death you respawn in that area

- Jump slam ground effect persists forever , needs a decay rate

- Can cast and receive ports on square

- No class requirements ( might be fun regardless)

- Monsters can spawn on top of pillars in new dungeon

- Sometimes monsters do not render on screen but you can still hit them. moving sometimes render/ de-renders  monsters

- it is possible to combine several animation/ skills/ ability sequences to make mega abilities. ( using slam and spin at the same time creates a tornado of destruction, similarly trans and spin)
- can use item storage / merchants from anywhere in the world just click on the merchant and then walk away the UI will stay up as long as you don't exit it out

- When you click on the storage merchant there is a chance to attack him ( he can then kill you and stays mad for a while)

- Experience requirement from 13 to 14 is incorrect , it only requires 100k not the 250k stated.

-Some characters are placed in the world forever ( I have been adventuring with a character named ezekial when I came upon his "former self" lifeless in the world. It was a previous character model of his character (same name) positioned in the world with different gear where he had been before.
This actually happened twice with the same character name but different gear in 2 different spots above T1 not far from each other. ( not sure if the server is saving the character when it changes gear and leaving a lifeless copy in the world?)  I was able to hit the character model but not kill it and mobs were not interested in it.

- The pit near new dungeon is very buggy, it pulls you in and you can get stuck similar to mountains. Except in the pit you die and your magic bag will not protect your gear. leaving the gear unretreavable at the bottom of the pit.

#19 Re: General game discussion » Hey guys. Welcome. » 2020-02-09 15:17:56

Hello all, I like fishes because they are so delicious..... that is all.

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