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#1 Re: General game discussion » Colby is there another/ better way to reach you to restart server? » 2020-09-16 04:25:07

The server should stay up for a while now. I've done a lot of optimizing the past few days and cut the ram and cpu usage nearly in half. Discord is probably the best way to reach out though. You can send me a message even if I am offline, I'll see it eventually.

#2 General game discussion » Bulk stackables! 18.2 patch » 2020-09-16 04:20:21

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The latest patch brings bulk stackables. You can buy, store and drop stackable items in stacks of 10 and 25 by holding down left ctrl or left alt. Also many fixes and optimizations, some not listed in the patch notes. Overall the server and client are running much better and I feel like I can start expanding a bit. Traditional +1 shrines coming soon. First one is already completed.

#3 Re: General game discussion » is the server down? » 2020-09-04 00:42:02

Yeah that usually means something has gone wrong. Back up now. Will continue to monitor.

#4 General game discussion » Update 17.2 is out » 2020-08-28 20:29:14

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Update 17.2
*Instaport has been added to all classes starting at 15. (This will most likely change to a shrine in the future)

*Hellknights now spin

*NPC's will now occasionally say something

*World chat now requires your message to start with a "-"

*Commands like -all and -monsters have been changed from requiring a "-" to requiring a "/"

*Commands are now listed on the player stats screen. Click the "?" button to open the screen

*Red beam has been renamed to Multibeam. It's been fixed and no longer hits the same target multiple times in one cast. It is now limited to 8 targets, is now effected by cast speed, has had it's damage lowered and it's mana cost cut in half.

*Fixed walls in daemon dungeon

*Trying to set a bind action with a key already in use will now clear the older bind action

*Level no longer effects melee speed

*Other fixes and improvements

#5 Re: General game discussion » Update 17.1 out » 2020-08-28 20:25:53

Jam Sucka wrote:

woo sorted thanks! it had changed to the lowest screen res and my comp was having none of it!

Only problem now is I cant remember my password. is there any chance could email me a new 1? I did register my email address

Chars on my account is Jam Sucka and think i had Merlin on there. I can email you my username & email address too if that helps?

Unfortunately no password recovery yet. Passwords are encrypted so I can't just email it to you either. If you send me an email to with the pass phrase you want I will set it up.

#6 Re: General game discussion » Update 17.1 out » 2020-08-23 13:17:25

Jam Sucka wrote:

So i killed my Suminex game by switching to windowed mode, I now get a white screen of death even if I then hit alt+enter to go full screen.

Is there anyway for me to reset the settings so it goes back to default boot? I've tried un-installing and reloading about 20x but had no luck fixing it

Was this due to the fullscreen/window crash bug? Go to c:\program files x86\Suminex hold shift while double clicking the Suminex Test Build exe. This should open a dialog box that allows you set resolution and graphics settings outside of the game. See if changing the settings there fixes it.

#7 General game discussion » Update 17.1 out » 2020-08-22 20:49:21

Replies: 4

Update 17.1
*Keybinds now save/load in the order you set them.
*Single keybinds can now be easily deleted by clicking rebind
and pushing the delete key on your keyboard
*Keybinds are color coded. Red = spells, blue = consumables, magenta = ui

Your keybinds will be reset. If you experience any issues setting keybinds go to 'delete' in the main menu, click 'delete all keybinds', then try again.

#8 General game discussion » Update 17 is out » 2020-08-21 16:38:42

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Update 17 is out

*Fixed issue with merchant sales windows not popping up again after hitting escape

*Significantly increased spawn rate of some dungeons

*Fixed issue with world objects not loading if a character logs on inside of a dungeon

*Fixed issue with inventory sometimes displaying the properties of another item

*Fixed issue with Quick Attack

*Fixed flame and ice wind spell damage

*Added new music to some zones

*Added options menu in game where you can adjust music volume, set resolutions/graphics quality and delete keybinds

*Graphic quality settings have been tweaked and options reduced to low medium and high

*Made the chat box a bit smaller

*Reduced the delay from opening additional portals from 4 to 0.5 seconds

*Fixed daemon animation and rotation

*Fixed bug and crash when switching between windowed and full screen

*Other fixes/improvements

#9 Re: Report a bug » Bugs as of 6/5 » 2020-07-29 01:44:10

Wow, very good list.

Skyhiro wrote:

Bugged Storage - Items disappear from storage. This may be related to the account with a blank user name and password. I believe their storage is connected to all other storages, and items from other storages can be removed through any character on this account

Fixed in next update

Skyhiro wrote:

Log on bug - Occasionally when logging in, the music will play, but the screen will be black. HP is displayed as 10,000 at the top of the screen, and the player will be unable to log out or do anything.

Skyhiro wrote:

Log on bug 2 - Likely related to the previous bug, logging in after a black screen login will cause your inventory to disappear and your equipped items to be in your inventory.

These 2 will require some more testing. I have not experienced the black screen, but I have experienced this inventory glitch. Will look into it.

Skyhiro wrote:

Merchant bug - Hit escape to exit merchant menu instead of clicking "Close" and you will not be able to access that merchant until you reboot the game.

Fixed in next update

Skyhiro wrote:

Flickering tooltip - On some resolutions, any item with built in properties when hovered over will have a flickering tooltip (flash on and off). This makes it hard to equip and drop items

Cannot repicate this. Which resolutions? Full screen or windowed?

Skyhiro wrote:

Dropped item bug - Dropping a dagger from the bottom of your inventory will actually drop the first dagger in your inventory. This causes properties to appear to shift to other items (like hp steal on a ring) even though they aren't actually transferred. This can cause items to be displayed incorrectly, for example a club might actually be a mystic leather, but won't display properly until dropped.

Should be fixed in next update

Skyhiro wrote:

Players can push other players by walking or transing into them, this allows players to push others off of SQ. Guards can also push players off SQ.

Not fixed. Will look more into this soon.

Skyhiro wrote:

Prop bug - After 4 props trying to prop more will cause the existing props to be replaced, with a maximum of 4 props. I'm not sure if this is an issue displaying more than 4 props or with the maximum amount of props.

Could not replicate, but I did notice a prop get overwritten. More testing required.

Skyhiro wrote:

Trans bug - Transing fast enough allows players to pass through un-transable walls. For example, transing fast enough toward the castle wall allows the player to go through the wall, and capture the castle without going through it.

Cannot replicate this, are you using a macro? I did notice you can trans on to certain items which will allow you into a no trans zone, like the castle crystal, or the stairs in castle. Those have been fixed.

Skyhiro wrote:

Quick attack - Melee attack interactions are bad, but can be reset by alternating right and left click - Holding down the right mouse button and and left clicking allows you to attack as fast as you can click. This needs to be fixed eventually but is OK for now as it's tough to level as a melee class otherwise at the moment.

Fixed in next update

Skyhiro wrote:

Summoned skeletons count as monsters and take damage from their master's spells.

Couldn't replicate this either.

Skyhiro wrote:

Flame wind does barely any damage

Fixed. Looks like it was based off of physical damage.

Skyhiro wrote:

Ice wind does not work with HP/MP steal.

Fixed in next update

Skyhiro wrote:

New spells don't show upon level up right away, this is confusing, especially for new players.

Fixed in next update

Skyhiro wrote:

Some characters can go negative AC by equipping and unequipping armor. Someone with -1000 AC will actually be nearly unkillable from physical attacks (elemental attacks still do full damage)

Couldn't replicate. Even tested it with +ac props, no luck.

Skyhiro wrote:

Warriors and Witches periodically get stuck when chasing you around the multi mob dungeon (warriors/witches/hks/frost imps). This could be due to the terrain.

Will look into.

Skyhiro wrote:

Water portal - Using a portal in the water causes you to be swimming under the map once you warp to your location.

Will look into.

#10 General game discussion » Back in action » 2020-07-21 17:19:57

Replies: 2

Hey guys. With all the crazy shit going on in the US and world I decided to take a break from development for a bit. It's definitely served me well, but I am ready to ramp things back up again. With that said, I'd like to announce we have a new dev working on the project, so we're officially a team now. You might know him. He worked on Project Volucris and Evidyon. His name is Erich, who is the brother of the legendary Karl. He is known as gluckhf here on the boards. It will take some time for us to adjust and get used to the new workflow, but this is fantastic news for the future of the game. We're both old skool xen players and are aiming for the same thing. I've also invited another person to work on the project and I will let you know if he accepts. We're ready to take this thing to the next level. If you need support email me at and I will work through any issues you have. I will be pushing an update to the server soon. Not many content changes, mostly internal, but new content is on the way.

I've changed my username here on the forum from Technologic to Colby to make things less confusing.


#12 Re: General game discussion » The Suminex map maker is out » 2020-05-12 12:48:40

Version 2 of the map maker is out. This allows you to walk around your maps by pressing the tab key. You can also create timed drop walls or set up switched drop walls. To make a drop wall, use the wall tool to build some walls and then click the drop wall button, and then click the set of walls you want to turn into timed drop walls. To create a switched wall, first you must create a timed drop wall, and a switch. Hit the switched drop wall button and click on a timed drop wall and click the switch. If you delete the switch the wall will turn back into a timed drop wall. This same process applies with gates.

#13 General game discussion » The Suminex map maker is out » 2020-05-04 09:18:13

Replies: 2

Hey guys. I spent some time the past few days building a map maker for the game. Since the start, it's been a pain the butt to make maps. I've been using some in-editor tools I made to build, but it was still a pain to get something going. Well that should be behind us. The map maker makes it super easy to build dungeons. You can drop walls, blocks of walls, half walls, tiles, plants, enemies, and you can upload the maps to the server directly for easy transfer to the game, or you can save the map to your hard drive and continue building later. This is a big step towards increasing the size and scope of the game. More features and objects will be available in future updates.

Controls for the map maker
'o' open up the game objects menu
'm' opens up the materials menu
'p' opens up the plants menu
'e' opens up the enemy menu
'r' to enable rotating of game objects

You can select an object to place by opening the game objects menu and clicking on it. Or opening the game objects menu and clicking on an already placed object

You can change the material of the currently selected object by opening up the materials menu and  clicking on a material.

If you are building a set of walls and decide you want to instead build a block of walls, hold down 's' to enable building a square block of walls. Or you can click the square-block button in the UI.

To delete objects hold down left ctrl and click on an object. If you want to mass delete objects hold down left shift and left control then click.

While placing a game object, you can place it with more precision by holding down left alt.

Or press escape to switch back to wall/tile building.

If you have a game object currently selected you can hit 'r' or hit the rotate button in the UI to enable rotating. When rotating is enabled scroll your mouse wheel to rotate the object.

There is also 3 buttons for generating random rooms large, medium and small. These are handy for getting an idea started. If you generate a random room and don't like it, the delete key will remove the last random room. If you hit it again it will begin to delete any other random rooms you've generated.

Eventually I would like to expand on this. Maybe enable building in-game for player housing. Or add in the ability to play maps as soon as they are uploaded to the server, maybe an area which loads up player created dungeons at random.

The more you build the less I have to, which gives me more time to work on everything else. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with. Please report any bugs you come across in this thread.

#14 General game discussion » Update 15.2 is out » 2020-04-27 21:12:08

Replies: 1

Update 15.2
*The T1 castle can now be owned. If you are king type -castle to teleport back to the castle
*The escape key now exits out of in game menus
*Fixed issue with thieves and walking speed
*Revelation 6:13 now works properly inside dungeons
*HP and MP steal props now work with spells

#15 Re: Update Notes » Update 15 is out » 2020-04-24 11:50:33

SteveOfEngland wrote:

having issues with storage.  i went to mystic chest and pulled om shield and om rapier, i swapped my shield and went to take out some bps from storage to prop the new shield and my inventory stopped working and i couldnt move any items around, i logged out and went back in and my old propped shield had dissapeared along with the om rapier i pulled from the chest also.  so not sure if its an issue with chest or an issue with bps in storage.  for some reason my bps have turned into two stacks also but both stacks used to get reduced if i took one out.  but now nothing is working.

#edit#  after a little more testing i think the issue is the pearls in storage, i cant withdraw any, if i do none of my keys work and i cant do anything, and it doesnt even actually take any out, they just stay in storage.  im not sure how its linked to me losing the propped om shield and om rapier though, sounds like a separate inventory issue.

#edit2#  so yeah confirmed that if i gain any items, then try to remove black pearl from storage i have to log out but it doesnt save anything since previous log out, so i lose any items gained.  Also the other night i found two black pearls fairly quickly, within maybe 30 min. played for a few hours and not found one at all, so im wondering if somehow theyre not in the database anymore and thats what causes my problems when trying to remove one from storage? just a thought.

Ok. I have removed the duplicate stackable from your storage. Let me know if that fixes your problems. Gonna try and replicate this issue.

#16 Re: Update Notes » Update 15 is out » 2020-04-22 15:22:18

SteveOfEngland wrote:

sweet, im online now aboout to check it out.

yeh i cant find it lol, t3 is the one with the fountain in the square yeah? and is it on the same land or cross the sea?

Located way off the coast on an island. Similar distance (I think) to the old item shrine in xen from t1.

#17 Update Notes » Update 15 is out » 2020-04-22 14:13:39

Replies: 8

Update 15 notes
*Special properties for items has been added along with an item shrine
*The graphics dialog window has been removed. You can choose your resolution in main menu
*Fixed issue with characters sometimes spinning around after walking
*Fixed issue with hp/mp steal not adding up properly
*Fixed issue with gear disapearing on inventory load if that same item was equipped
*Fixed issue with blood mace not being able to be equipped
*Fixed issue with consumable items not reducing/saving properly if dropped
*Fixed issue where a player would sometimes not respawn in town
*Hp regen now works properly
*Summoned pets have been tweaked/improved
*Added -destroy command for destroying summoned pets
*Other tweaks and fixes

Hey guys. Update 15 is out. This introduces item props. It's something I've wanted to add for a while but I was slightly intimidated by the work it would require. All props should work with the exception of exploding arrows for bows which will come in a future update. The props differ slightly from xen props and you can get multiple of the same prop on the same item. This is a bug I never fixed because I was intriuged by the idea of it, so we'll see how it plays out and what you guys think. I'll just go ahead and tell you where it's located, it is way east of t3. It works like how the old item shrine worked. Drop the item to prop on left tile, drop prop items on right tile, hit switch. The calcuations for the shrine giving out props will probably change in the future, but it's similar-ish to xen. I've also added an emms/ops merch somewhere west of t1. Bulk buying/dropping of items will come in future update.

Also I removed the dialog for choosing resolution and graphics settings. You can now choose these settings in the main menu. If you have any issues, you can open the old dialog window by navigating to the game's directory c:\program files\suminex and double clicking the .exe while holding down shift.

Download link

#18 Re: Update Notes » Update 14 is now out » 2020-04-11 02:17:35

KingOW wrote:

Says the server is down for fixes. This is my first time here. I just came from a walk down nostalgia lane on xentales. Is there anything I need to do to play?

Hey welcome. It's back up now.

#19 Update Notes » Update 14 is now out » 2020-04-10 04:59:53

Replies: 3

*Fixed issues with gates not properly opening and closing
*Chests have been introduced to the game
*New dungeon area with Mystic Chest added
*Nimbus no longer slows down over water
*There is now a small global cooldown for consumables after casting a spell
*Fixed bug with inventory not opening after death
*Slightly lowered player walking speed
*Player walking speed now increases with agility
*Thieves get a bonus to walking speed based on level
*Fixed issue with keybindings not loading after logout
*Rangers have been enabled
*3 abilities added for rangers. Single shot, Rapid Fire, and Multi Shot
*Added dual wield for thieves
*Added new spell for priests named Illuminate
*Increased guard health
*You can no longer attack guards with -monsters activated
*Fixed issue causing mederi to stop working
*Slightly increased mederi healing
*Mederi can now heal other players
*Vis mederi added for priests, paladins, clerics
*Fixed issue causing enemies/players/npc to disappear on death
*Added spell for caster types called Pearl Vision which gives the white pearl light effect
*Multi fireball and Muilti iceball spells now fire properly
*Increased Beam damage for casters
*Gordon is no longer giving away free items
*The server now saves character progress periodically
*Other tweaks and fixes

More to come soon

#20 Re: General game discussion » Server down? » 2020-03-23 22:41:10

There was an issue with the server causing it to slow down and eventually go down. I believe I have these issues fixed in the latest release.

#21 Re: Update Notes » Test build 12.2" » 2020-03-09 06:07:17

20 is the cap for this alpha phase. I plan for there to be no cap, or a high one when the game is in beta.

#22 Re: Report a bug » Duplication bug » 2020-03-09 06:04:02

Interesting. I've been waiting for a duplication but to come up. I have an idea of why it might have happened. There is no auto log feature, but if the server realizes you are not receving commands it will eventually disconnect you.

#23 Re: Report a bug » Current as of Build 11 » 2020-03-09 06:02:10

All these should be fixed in the latest build.

#25 Re: Update Notes » Test build 12.2" » 2020-03-05 15:11:30

Update 11.2 is out. No features added but some big optimizations server side. Also new updated launcher available thanks to Nexpheria in Discord.

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